Viking Coin (ViCoin)

From Jan 1st, 2023, we added Viking Coins (ViCoins) on our websites to make the purchase easier.

1. About ViCoin

Viking Coin (referred to as ViCoin) is a currency used exclusively for all Viking Esports projects.
  • ViCoin has the following conversion value: 1 ViCoin = 0.01 US Dollar. It means: 1 USD equals 100 ViCoins.
  • ViCoin can be obtained by purchasing or collecting badges on the wallet widget. For example: complete the first order gets 100 ViCoins, buy an exclusive dota 2 account and get 1000 ViCoins...
  • Click on the Wallet Widget in the left bottom of the website to see your ViCoins balance.

2. Top up ViCoins

There are some ways to top up ViCoins, you can top up via Paypal, G2G, or Coinbase... Click the below link to top up ViCoins to your wallet.
After your top-up, ViCoins will be added to your wallet on the website in 1-3 mins. If you do not receive ViCoins, please contact our Live Chat to get support.

2.2 ViCoins Bonus Program

The bonus ViCoins program is only for clients who top up ViCoins via G2G or Coinbase.
If you can't find your bonus ViCoins, please create a ticket on our Discord Help Center. Our admins & mods will be there to support.

3. Use ViCoins

3.1 Projects that use ViCoins

We are adding ViCoins Wallet to all of our projects but currently, you only can use ViCoins on 2 projects, they are:
  1. 1.
    VikingDOTA -
  2. 2.
    AccGamer -

3.2 How to use ViCoins

Watch the below instruction to know how to redeem ViCoins and apply to cart when you're placing an order.