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3 steps to buy accounts

This's very easy to buy a Dota 2 account on our website. It takes only 2-3 mins to start enjoying the game.

Buy a new account in 3 steps

1. Choose the account you are interested in.

Where do I find those accounts on store?
Open the Account menu on homepage and go for Currently in-stock
Using the filter to find the account you want:
  • Official Account: account from Vikingteam, come with exclusive warranty from VikingDota
  • Finding account by Medal: choose the account you want by Medal
  • Exclusive Account: account that high value limited items, those items are limited non-tradable, you can only find them in the account that already have it.
Just need to Sort the price from high to low, Exclusive accounts will go to top
  • Put in cart and that is all you need

2. Check out & process the payment.

More information about our payment methods are below.

3. Get access to the account & enjoy the game

Make sure you don't mistype when you place the order, or the email won't be sent correctly.
The account information will be sent to the email you put. Also check your spam mailbox too because sometimes the confirmation email is put into there.
After receiving the account information, remember to read our instruction and then you can log in the account. Note: for some email service, the account information will take up to 10-15 mins to get to your email inbox. This is the delay from email service provider when they processing the email, so don't be panic if the email come a little late.
How to buy a new Dota 2 account?