How to order a boost?

It's very easy to make a boosting order on VikingDOTA. Please follow our below instructions step by step.
  • Choose the service you want from our website:
Choose the service you want from our website
  • Fill the information in the boost service, then continue the steps to place the order Note: make sure you use the right email, we track customer by email so if you use the wrong one you can't track your order.
Fill all the information and choose the options you like, then Add to Cart
Check the order again and Checkout
Fill in all the information then Click Continue to payment, you can also use your Discount code here
Check the information for the last time, then click Complete the order
  • After the payment is successfully paid, you will be directed to this page
  • You will also receive a confirmation email to your mailbox too:
  • To see how to track your order, go to our "Track your order" page right next to this