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Tip for buying an account

Buying Dota2 Accounts requires some bit of patience, knowledge and discipline. You should read this topic before decide to buy a new Dota 2 account.
Here are a few things to keep in mind so that your buying doesn't end up in losses. These essential tips will help you make the best decisions.

1. Understand the Price

The Dota 2 market or any other markets, they are the same. They all based on value and needs. An account's price is mostly based on:
  • MMR/ Rank/ Medal
  • Items ( ingame item, steam's items/games )
  • Level/ Hours
For MMR/Rank/Medal, it is easy to understand that the higher MMR will be more expensive. But lifestyle changes everyday. Accounts from 2k to 6k++ are easy to find while under 1k MMR range are hard to find an accounts. People enjoy more and more playing at low bracket to troll, party up or just simply help your friends rank up faster. The need of low MMR accounts is raised, the price is also raised. That's why you may be surprised with a 5k MMR account is cheaper than a 3-digit MMR account.
Every item has its price, but they won't be the same price as you may see in the official shop of the game. Some of the items are limited & can't be bought on steam market, you only can buy these items by buying a new account that has these items inside.
Level ingames or Hours played should be a new thing to most of you but it is the most important. There are 2 type of account: clone/smurf account account and main account.
Main account is the first/ the only account that one person play the most.
Clone/Smurf accounts are created by anyone who already had their main account. The player played them until the MMR showed and he sold them. Clone/Smurf doesn't mean they are created/played by high Ranked Players.
What make the different here is the level/hours played: main accounts always have high level above 4x level ingame or 7xx hours while clone/smurf accounts have only around under 2x level or 1xx hours. Dota 2 system has its algorithm to launch and match players for the game. Main accounts will be easier to find game ( most of the time wont match up with clone/smurf accounts ) while Clone/Smurf accounts will be put in a long queue to match up with other similar accounts ( which makes the queue time is longer, game is harder ) - this will happen when you are queueing for match alone.

2. Know your Needs

With all those information up there, you now understand the concept of how the price is scaled So the question is ''What do you need''?
Considering all issues, after looking for the MMR filter and items along ( if you really need one ), you only need to choose for clone/smurf account or a main one.
If you are playing with your friends party up together, then it wont be a matter anymore because clone/smurf account is a better choice as its price is cheaper than the main one.
If you are playing alone, a main account will be perfect as you dont want to queue so long end up playing against other clone/smurf account in a hard game.

3. Balance your Budget

You may see various offers with different prices for accounts with similar details. So what is the different?
Account Guarantee Policy makes the differences here. Coming to VikingDOTA, we are proud to say that we have the most complete and the most comfortable Warranty Pack: 3 options to choose covering up to 3 years length and most important Account's conditions for users.
We have a special tag for good accounts (it's "Recommended").
The recommended accounts are all high level accounts, have been playing for many hours, with very good behavior scores. So these accounts will help you find matches faster, find better teammates and enjoy the game more fun.
More information about Recommended account here