Other questions

How safe is this? Will I be banned?

We have been working in boosting for many years, all of our boosters are experienced and we have strict rules in boosting, everything to make the boost look as nature as it can be. The boosting process is generally safe, but in some special case, your boost order might be a bit riskier than usual (low MMR bracket, low behavior points, etc.). In that case we will contact you and consult you on how to make it as safe as possible.

Will my items safe?

We only need Steam ID + password + login code, we don't have access to either your phone or email, which needed to confirm on trading items out. About gifting, you need to be friend for over 30 days in Steam to gift the items out, as the orders on our site only work up to 2-3 weeks max, you won't have to worry about this. On top of this, we always ask customer to re-secure their account after the service (changing password, generate new backup codes, etc.) just in case too.

Do I need to turn off Steam Guard?

You don't need to turn off Steam Guard or Mobile Authentication, we only need codes to login. Here is how we do it

If customer's account has steam code from email, the booster will ask for Steam Guard code when they login through our Tracking Site. You will need to provide us steam code once when we start boosting your account.
As you know the mobile auth code is changing every 10 seconds. To be able to log in customer's account without asking them the code for each time we work, we will generate back-up codes list in customer's account. This is how you generate back-up codes list for our boosters:

Can I play in my account before the order finish?

For MMR related order, you can play in the account when the booster is not working on it. But do not touch the Ranked mode, let the booster handle it fully, or the account can be banned by having 2 players performance in short amount of time. You can play as much unranked as you want.
For Behavior Boosting order, you won't be allow to play in the account, the reason is Behavior point count in every game you play. That why you need to let the booster handle it fully.
For other type of boosting, ask the booster through the Tracking Site first before you login, so you don't interrupt the boosting process.