Why you should use our services?

Why VikingDota's services are more expensive & safer than other competitors?

Long History with Dota 2.

We're among the first, most well-known & being most active when it comes to delivering Dota 2's service to our customers since 2013 when Dota 2 initially launched on Steam. We've always improved ourselves since then to give our customers the best and ever experiences when it comes to Dota 2 services with humble offers for our customers. Both new and old alike.

We understand our customers' needs.

With over 10 years in the gaming industry services, we've been through a lot of ups and downs throughout our career. We've met with an update that banned over 90K Smurf accounts including those accounts that sold to our customers, we also dealt with Valve's high intention of Smurf detectives over the past few years and counting. But despite all of the struggles, we at Viking always stay true to its core, by putting our customers first and foremost, putting on their shoes to see their perspectives and adapt to the situations at hand with farsight options on our services that later became a standard for other to follows. Our system has been thriving and shown no signs of stopping despite their best effort to hold us down with on-point solutions to fight back these changes and find a way to help out our customers.

We have a return policy.

Unlike other competitors, we at VikingDota value our customers and always on our best intentions to make things right for them with our straightforward rulesets and keep up-to-date situations. We'll never hide or shy away from the situations in which we are involved in your order. And if a bad thing ever occurs to your account, we will take full responsibility and follow our policy to do right by you, the customer of Viking. You can check out our policy here.

Worldwide players from all across the globe.

One of the best things about VikingDota is that we operate worldwide and have a worldwide range of pro players hailing from the United States to the SEA. Because of this, our players always know what to do over the demand server of our customers to yield the best results by following the server demand's tradition. We also let our players use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to play on your order for extra safety to your account so you can care without the worry in the world, knowing that your order is being processed with great care and by players who know what they're doing.

A seamless, friendly Order Tracking.

Innovation is what makes us at VikingDota among the best at delivering our customers' orders. One of our early Innovations was making sure our customers stay up-to-date and can track their service easily & seamlessly through our system and it has still been our top priority throughout these years.
An example of our order tracking on Discord.
Now, with the help of Discord, we at Viking have achieved the most secure, private guarantee with player/user-friendly, and easy interaction between the customers and our players ever since. If you don't use Discord, you can always count on our web tracking to keep yourself up-to-date on your order.

Quality over everything else.

Our customers speak volumes about our dedication to our services, with over 10 years of working in the industry, we at Viking always strive to deliver the best quality of our services to the customers with monthly discount codes, a player-friendly tracking system, worldwide players with VPN usages for extra safety, and 24/7 support with multiple ways to approach our services.
A very satisfied customer reported at the end of our service
Your enjoyment & feedback are much more valuable to us than anything in this world has to offer. That's why with every satisfied order, rated by you, our customers bring out joy to us all working tirelessly to improve upon based on your experiences at Viking.