⏲️ Prevent Long Queue Time

This page's designed to help you understand more about the usual queue time and it conditions.

Here's a quick comparison of all of our account types available:

Normal PremiumExclusiveLeaderboardVAC-Ban

Usually ~ 10 - 30 Minutes

Usually ~3-15 Minutes

Usually ~2-8 Minutes

Usually ~3-15 Minutes

Depending on the variety of the account

Best Use Within the Associate Server

Able to Cross-Server Play

Able to Cross-Server Play

Able to Cross-Server Play

Depending on the variety of the account

Low Game Hours Count > 600 Hours (Best With Associate Server)

Medium Game Hours Count < 600 Hours (Normal Queue)

High Game Hours Count < 1000 (Fast Queue)

High Game Hours Count < 1000 (Fast Queue)

Variety account's Hours (~100-1000+)

For more information, you can check for Account Types Comparison here.

How to pick a suitable account for you?

We know that our customers' needs differ from one & another, and we at VikingDOTA understand this and place our heart into helping you get a better understanding before your final purchase.

So let's have an open conversation on the topic, what type of account is suitable for you?

The biggest factor and difference between the accounts on our website is our price range. We at Viking understand that this factor is one of the most important aspects between you walking away and landing yourself a purchase on one of our accounts. But worry not, for VikingDOTA always has your back. We're constantly updating and rotating our discount codes monthly and pushing out automated discounts for all of our services, yes which also includes all of our account types as well.

I hope this will clear a path for more freedom in your purchases with pricing out of the way, now let's talk about your needs.

We've more than 250+ accounts and about 30+ account updates daily to our storefront. Variest from Normal to Exclusive type, all in the most affordable pricing with a Warranty Policy involved.

We always strike a balance in making our Dota 2 account as affordable as possible and available to all of our customers as much as possible. But with recent updates of Dota 2, it making this harder and harder. But fear not, for we have a solution for this specific problem.

If you're on the more popular side of the server (e.g. SEA, EU, NA) you can rest easy knowing that we've been putting labels for a more comfortable and easy-to-navigate account that works specifically for you so you can enjoy the account ASAP on our site!

But if you hail from the fewer regions side of the server (e.g. Japan, Korea, Australia, etc) then the options have become varied & limited type of account due to the nature of our accounts favoring the popular side & sometimes the account will be unable to find a game. But you're not out of the options just yet!

While our account type has been limited, our options have not! The best accounts you can find for yourself if you're from the regions that were mentioned above are the Premium accounts archetype which you can find here.

If you're more of the collector type of person or don't mind spending more than our average accounts, you will find our Exclusive accounts collection is more to something than meets the eye, with various prestige items from all of the previous, and now unobtainable Battle Pass Season of the International right under your fingertip. You can check more of it here

If you're just looking for a Dota 2 account that works and doesn't mind other flaws that came with the account. We have one of the cheapest and best options for you that's our VAC-Ban account. Which is cheaper than our average account archetype on the website. Sometimes, it even has the best Dota 2 items for half the price of our current price. So don't forget to check them out too!

That's everything you need to know to ease off your purchase. We'll be looking for more options and more variables to aid our customers soon.

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