Tracking v.1 (Old Version)

This tracking version is no longer available from Jul 15th, 2023
Welcome to VikingDOTA. If this is your 1st time using our boosting services, let us guide you how to use our Tracking System. I. First, make sure you use the email that is the same with the one you put for Order ( or the same email as you used for the payment ) to log in our website.
II. Look at the top right of our website and click:
Click 1 then 2
It will lead you to this page and here is your list of Orders
III. Click ''Track'' to go into the Order you need
IV. Button instruction:
Update account: change the Steam account details of this Order Edit options ( Plus/Ultimate pack only ): change the details of the Order All messages: go back / show messages of the order Send messages: enter to send message to the booster in the tracking order Pause: to request a pause for the order Feedback: give comment for the order Leave a tip!: tip for the booster or service if you like it
Tips: - Sometimes it is easier for the booster if you just note to pause the order than clicking the ''Pause'' button because you might forget to continue it. - Requesting heroes, server, solo queue... only available for specific Boosting Pack - Contacting us at livechat with any issue/request is always the best solution - Remember to read our message so there will be no trouble during the service