How to sell your account?

There are 2 ways to sell your Dota 2 accounts to VikingDOTA:
  1. 1.
    Sell it directly to us via our account manager
  2. 2.
    Become our partner (by joining our Partnership Program)

I. Sell your account directly to VikingDOTA

You need to contact our account manager to sell your Dota 2 accounts, the information is below:
Discord: VikingDOTA.ATEE#7014
Before starting to sell your account to us, your seller profile have to be verified before the account being checked. After you are verified, your account will be checked. Any seller that can't verify won't be able to sell.
Basic account buying requirement:
- MMR: under 5000
- Behavior: over 7000 conduct point
- VAC/ban: none
- First mail: must have
Any valuable items will be checked and counted toward the price when we contact for the final price. After that our team will check on it and will contact you if we decide to buy the account or not.

II. Become our partner

If you can provide more than 20 accounts / month, you are able to join our Partnership program. You will get more profit & benefits when you become our partner. More information below.