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Explain all our available Dota 2 boosting services on VikingDOTA

How DotA Services works?

  • You give out a down payment for improving your performance in Dota 2.
  • We offer many services by our VikingTeam with more than 40 boosters (7,000 - 8,000 MMR)

DotA 2 Main Services:

Solo Queue:

  • MMR Boosting - Help you increases your MMR to the extends of your willing.
  • Medal Boost - Help you get your desire medal without any hassle.
  • Behaviour Score - Improve your Overall conduct within the game.
  • Role Queue - Improve your current pools of Rank queue within the game.
  • Smurf Maker - Removes all hassle in creating a new Dota 2 Accounts.
  • Derank Boosting - Help you decreases your MMR to the extends of your willing.
  • Calibration - Net you the best MMR result after the requirement TBD games.
  • Low Priority - Remove all low priority games in your account.
  • Winrate boost - Help you get better winrate by using specific hero / role.

Duo Queue Services:

  • Partner In Crime - A service aims to help you find a suitable teammates from our boosters.
  • Calibration - We aims to give you the best results out of your Calibration games w/ you.
  • Rank Up - A series of try-harding ranked sessions with your favorite booster(s).
  • Net Win - A series of try-harding winrate (Normal) sessions with your booster(s).

Dota Plus:

  • Hero Tier - Removes the grinding sessions that you have to face with any heroes.
  • Battle Cup - Win the battle cup every weekend for you during the cup event.
  • Quests/Challenge - Help you win the weekly challenges of your selected heroes.

Arcana Unlock:

  • Drow Ranger - Hassle-Free of the unlocking process for Drow Ranger Arcana Style 2.
  • Wind Ranger - Hassle-Free of the unlocking process for Wind Ranger Arcana Style 2.
  • Queen of Pain - Hassle-Free of the unlocking process for Queen of Pain Arcana Style 2.
  • Phantom Assassin - Hassle-Free of the unlocking process for Queen of Pain Arcana Style 2.
And many more...

Battle Pass:

  • Craven Crawl - Unlock the 3 exclusive sets from the yearly releases alongs with style.
  • Rank Double Down - Gain double MMR with Double Down tokens during battle pass event.
And many more...

Seasonal Service:

And more...

Other Services:

Phone Number - Help you out with your phone number problem to play Dota 2 Ranked Mode.
Request an Account - Scout out the desires account within lightning speed respones.
Recover an Account - Help you recover the long lost accounts.
Tip - Show your gratitude in a most helpful way towards our boosters/supporters.

Our Payment Methods

  • We accept some payment methods: Paypal / Skrill / Visa / Master card / Steam Items (Read more: Payment methods)
  • For more questions, please contact us through our contacting channels, we will help you.