All Boosting Services

How DotA Services works?

  • You pay us for improving your performance in Dota 2.
  • We offer many services by our VikingTeam with more than 40 boosters (7,000 - 8,000 MMR)
    • MMR Boosting - help you increase your solo / party MMR
    • Battle Cup - win the battle cup every weekend for you during battle pass event.
    • Calibration - get you best MMR result after 10 TBD games.
    • Low Priority - remove all low priority games in your account
    • Rank Double - gain double MMR with Double Down tokens during battle pass event
    • Winrate boost - help you get better winrate by using specific hero / role.
    And many more...
  • We accept some payment methods: Paypal / Skrill / Visa / Master card / Steam Items (Read more: Payment methods)
  • For more questions, please contact us through our contacting channels, we will help you.