Boosting rules

Please read it carefully before our pro players start boosting your order.
Q: Can I play on my account while the boost is active?
A: For MMR-related orders, you can play in the account when the booster is not working on it. But do not touch the Ranked mode, let our booster do what he does best or we will be facing a ban for having 2 players perform in a short amount of time. For maximum efficiency, you can also come up with a schedule for our booster to follow or contact him outright on the matter at hand.
Q: Can I reschedule while the boost is active? A: Yes of course, but please keep in mind that our booster will need time to adapt, the faster you give us the schedule, the better. Q: Do I need to turn off Steam Guard? A: You don't need to turn off Steam Guard or Mobile Authentication, we only need codes to log in. Here is how we do it: Q: A "booster" contacted me through private message (DM), should I reply? A: No, since you can contact and exchanges throughout this ticket, we won't need to contact you elsewhere. As a matter of fact, if that ever occurs, please show us a screenshot of the conversation. For our booster's prohibited to contact you on his own term, he will get the Infringement he deserves.
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