Account warranty packages

Understand about our warranty policy for Dota 2 accounts to get your best suitable pack for you.
We are offering 3 warranty packs for every Dota 2 account: 1 free pack & 2 paid packs. All warranty packs go with these features:
  • 100% Safe Guarantee: All our accounts don't have any VAC / LP / ban warning / any other restrictions.
  • Instant Delivery: Right after your purchase, account information will be sent to your mail box. For some of the email service, the information email can be delayed from 5-10 mins.
  • Return / Refund Policy: We have a very clear policy for return / refund after purchase. It depends on the warranty pack that you buy along with account. Check it below.
Dota 2 Account Warranty Packs
  • Can't find game: if the account can't be queue for games in any game modes when it come to you, we will issue a full refund or exchange for same price account for you.
  • Get banned: if the account get banned (non-VAC, trade-ban) in 8-12 hours from when you received the account from us, we will investigate and if identified that the issue coming from us, we will issue a full refund or exchange a same price account for you.
  • Add payments/games: for accounts that has been added wallets/funds or bought games during the time you using the account, the account won't be able to return to us nor sell back under any circumstance.
  • Totally untouched: in case the account is totally untouched (not played any games, no wallets/funds/games added), depend on the warranty pack, you can return the account for an 1:1 exchange or full refund. But remember after a certain amount of time, we can only be able to issue a partly refund on the totally untouched account.
  • Play games only: if you only play games in the account (not adding anykind of wallets/funds/games), depend on the warranty pack, we won't be taking back the account or can consider buying back at seller price.
  • Account lost (can't recover): during the eligible time for recover (1 month/1 year/3 year for Standard/Silver Care/Gold Care), if the account is lost and we can't recover it for you, we can give you a 1:1 exchange or issue a full refund depend on the situation.
For any other issue that not covered in warranty terms, VikingDota will work with the customer to find the best solution. VikingDota will be the one who have the final decision on it.